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Launch of Student Action Committee – USA Chapter for the restoration of Democratic Process in Pakistan

Washington DC. Jan 5th 2008; Pakistani students from universities from different states of the United States launched Student Action Committee-USA as an independent chapter of Student Action Committee Lahore and Islamabad. The primary purpose of the Committee is to work towards the restoration and development of a democratic political process in Pakistan. The short term objectives of SAC-US include the restoration of judiciary to its pre-Nov 3rd status; the establishment of an independent election commission and an independent interim government so as to ensure free and fair elections; the withdrawal of restrictions on the Pakistani media; the abrogation of any constraints on the rights to assembly, campaign and protest; and the release of thousands of students, lawyers and political workers currently in government custody.

SAC-US is a non-partisan group that does not endorse any political party but seeks collaboration on points of mutual agreement with other individuals and organizations, including political parties in Pakistan and the Government organizations in Washington DC. SAC-US also seeks to cultivate a long-term relationship with the US media.


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17 January 2008 at 9:28 pm

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